Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Once on an early morning ride back to Calcutta airport a long time ago, this Bihari taxi driver brought us masala tea made by his wife. Because the previous night we happened to mention in passing how we have to leave so early we would not get tea at the hotel where we were staying.

He stopped at the airport, and to our surprise, pulled out nice cups and saucers from a cloth bag and ceremoniously served us delicious freshly-made cardamom-flavoured tea his wife had gotten up at 3 AM to prepare for us...


  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story Asha. It is not by chance that things like this happen to you all the time. Even though it has been a long time since we met, I believe that you still retain that humane spirit, endearing ways, that bring out the best in individuals who interact with you. Well done, and keep inspiring us with these stories that bring out the positive, bright side of life.

  2. That is so beautiful.How thoughtful of the driver and his wife​!! No surprise that such wonderful unexpected moments fill your life.i totally second the comment above by sheila peters. Your beautiful ways draw the best to you!!!